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Alex Arash Labaf, known simply as Arash combines his Iranian heritage with contemporary pop, hip hop and R&B to create his distinct style, finding success throughout Europe. Born in Terhan, Iran, Arash spent his early years here, before moving to Sweden at the age of 10. Despite moving from Iran, Arash maintained a strong attachment to Iranian and Persian culture, which made a significant impact upon Arash's own musical creations, incorporating these influences with western pop music. Having graduated from college in 2005, Arash began focussing on his music career, finding himself a contract with Warner Music Sweden. His debut album saw a June 2005 release, featuring the hit singles, "Boro Boro (Go Away)" and "Temptation," all finding chart success across Europe. As an impressive dancer and performer, Arash's music videos also made a stir globally, becoming a regular feature of 20 MTV outlets around the world. Arash became a household name in Iran and Sweden, whilst also making an impression upon much of Eastern Europe. "Boro Boro" was also featured in the Bollywood movie "Blufmaster," helping Arash find fans in India. A remix album, "Crossfade," appeared after in 2006, making an impact in Poland, reaching number 24 in their album chart. Following the breakout success of his debut, Arash returned in 2008 with new material. "Donya" peaked at number 48 in Sweden, continuing to find commercial success. In 2009, Arash composed the song "Always," which was used for Azerbaijan's entry in that year's Eurovision Song Contest, eventually reaching third place in the competition. In 2014, Arash moved to the label Broma 16, for his third record, "Superman." Read more

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