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Asaf Avidan Biography

Asaf Avidan is an Israeli folk rock singer and musician from Jerusalem. Born in 1980 he is also the front man of Asif Avidan & The Mojos. For Asaf Avidan music was always secondary to his career. A trained animator, Avidan worked as a professional animator for years before being prompted to turn to his hobby for his livelihood. While bittersweet for Avidan, fans of the talented musician have his ex-girlfriend to thank for the extensive music he has brought into the world. Only heartbreak could give Asaf Avidan the creative jolt he needed to bring his talent into being and watch it shine. In 2006, Avidan formed the famous folk rock group Asaf Avidan & The Mojos with Ran Nir, Yoni Sheleg, Roi Peled and Hadas Kleinman. The group became incredibly successful within Israel and played throughout the country to adoring crowds. During his time with the band, Asaf Avidan released three studio albums: “The Reckoning”, “Poor Boy / Lucky Man” and “Through the Gale”. The 2008 release, “The Reckoning”, went to the top of the Israeli album charts and did considerably well in France as well as other European countries. In 2011 Avidan decided to break away from The Mojos and pursue an entirely solo career. The move was not a total shock to the band as Asaf Avidan had played extensively as a solo artist throughout his time with the band. Prior to releasing his debut solo album, Avidan toured Israel where he performed intimate acoustic shows. The extensive positive response he received from critics and fans alike paved the way for the release of his first studio album. In 2012, Asaf Avidan released “Different Pulses”. The album was a top 30 hit in Belgium, France and Italy. Asaf Avidan has toured and collaborated with multiple artists including Robert Plant, Lou Reid and Bob Dylan. Read more

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