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Betty Wright, Clarence Carter & Bobby Rush

Wolf Creek Amphitheater Atlanta, GA , Saturday 6/18/2016 6:30 PM

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Clarence Carter Biography

Clarence Carter (born January 14, 1936) is an American R&B, blues, gospel and soul musician, hailing from Montgomery, Alabama, U.S. Born without sight in America’s south, young Clarence Carter found music at an early age and taught himself how to play the guitar through listening to the blues. The musician found influences in John Lee Hooker and Jimmy Reed, and later studied at Alabama State University, transcribing and arranging compositions in Braille. In 1960 Carter and blind classmate Calvin Scott formed the duo Clarence & Calvin and made their debut with the single “I Wanna Dance But I Don’t Know How”. Throughout the ‘60s the duo changed their name to the C & C Boys however found chart and radio success elusive. The pair became a four-piece in 1966 under the moniker the Mello Men and headlined Birmingham, Alabama’s 2728 Club for the best part of the year. Carter subsequently pursued a solo career and signed to Rich Hall’s Fame label and released the singles “Tell Daddy”, “Thread the Needle”, and “The Road of Love”. In 1968 Clarence Carter moved to Atlantic Records who issued the single “Looking for a Fox” which began the musician’s trend of sexually themed songs that he would later become known for. With the addition of Fame’s notorious backing band, Carter released the single “Slip Away” which would become a staple of the musician’s repertoire and a Top Ten Hit. Carter subsequently released the single “Too Weak to Fight” and the Christmas themed “Back Door Santa” at the tail end of '68. “Snatching It Back” arrived in early 1969, the B-side of which was a popular cover of James Carr’s soul classic “Making Love (At the Dark End of the Street)”. In 1970 Carter hit the Top Ten once again with the emotionally-entrenched single “Patches”, and the year later issued the hits “Getting the Bills”, “Slipped, Tripped and Fell in Love”, and the duet with Staton, “If You Can’t Beat ‘Em”. After returning to Fame Records in 1972, Carter released the notable hits “Back in Your Arms Again”, and the novelty “Sixty Minute Man”. The ‘80s proved a tough time for Carter who signed with a number of independent labels and released the singles “Jimmy’s Disco” and “Can We Slip Away Again”. In 1885 the full-length “Dr. C.C.” arrived to generally positive reviews and spawned the unabashed single “Strokin’”. Read more

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