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Don Felder

Arcada Theater Saint Charles, IL , Thursday 7/14/2016 7:30 PM

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Don Carlos Biography

Don Carlos (born June 29, 1952) is the stage name of Jamaican reggae musician Ervin Spencer, who rose to prominence during the 1980’s dancehall scene, hailing from Waterhouse, Kingston, Jamaica. Born and raised in Waterhouse, Kingston, where fellow reggae artists King Tubby, The Jays, and Junior Reid also grew up, Carlos began singing from a young age. In 1973, alongside Garth Dennis and Derrick Simpson, Carlos formed the reggae group Black Uhuru and contributed to the recording of the 1977 album “Love Crisis”. Despite this, Carlos only appeared on one single for the group, after which he went solo, releasing his debut album “Suffering” in 1981 on Negrus Roots Records. The same year he began collaborating with vocalist and co-writer Gold, whom Carlos released six albums with including “Them Never Known Natty Dread Have Him Credential” in 1981, “Ghetto Living” in 1983, and “Ease Up” in 1994. The singer however continued to release a string of solo albums, significantly raising his profile, beginning with the acclaimed “Day to Day Living in 1982. Subsequent solo albums included “Harvest Time” in 1982, “Pass the Lazer Beam” in 1983, “Just a Passing Glance” in 1984, and “Deeply Concerned” in 1987. With a growing reputation as a revered reggae star, Carlos was able to collaborate on albums with the likes of Earl Cunningham and Charlie Chaplin, Culture, Anthony Johnson & Little John, and Junior Reid. Reluctant to rest on his laurels with the beginning of the ’90s, the singer continued to release new material including 1998’s “7 Days A Week” and the Don Carlos and Gold album “Ease Up” in 1994. After almost two decades, in 1990 Carlos returned to Black Uhuru and released the album “Now” earning the group a resurgence in popularity. Read more

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