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Fuzz are a band formed by solo artist Ty Segall and his longtime collaborators Charles Moothart and Roland Cosio. The band debuted in early 2013 and have since released one studio album and a handful of singles. Formed in 2011 as a way of Ty Segall forming a genuine band with the two members of his backing musicians that he's been friends with since high school, Fuzz debuted in January 2013 with the seven-inch single “This Time I Got A Reason”. To hide the fact it was Segall, Moothart and Cosio, the band's label Trouble In Mind claimed that they had “no idea” who the band was made up of in the record's press release, but eagle-eared fans could spot Segall's vocal style from a mile off. By the time footage of the band performing live had spread onto the internet, the secret was out, and Fuzz were now one of the hottest new bands around. The band recorded their debut album in two days flat in May 2013 with Chris Woodhouse behind the mixing desk, and the record was released the following September. The fact that this band is happening alongside the band's commitments with Segall's solo project show's that this is no mere indie rock side-projet to be thrown aside if his next record is certified Platinum. Fuzz are a true band that are just as deserving of your time and attention as any other band grabbing rave reviews all over the world, and for that, they come highly recommended. Read more

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