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Geto Boys Biography

Geto Boys are a hip-hop group hailing from Houston, Texas, United States who formed in 2006. Since their debut in 1988 they have released eight studio albums and arguably paved the way for all southern hip-hop acts who've followed them. Coming together in 1986, the first incarnation of the Geto Boys was far different to the one that would go on to become one of the most notorious rap acts of the 90's, and not just because they had the correct spelling of the word ghetto in their name. The band was originally formed by three Texan rappers called Sir Rap-A-Lot, Raheem and The Sire Jukebox, but shortly after coming together Raheem and Rap-A-Lot left, leaving The Sire Jukebox to recruit DJ Ready Red, MC Prince Johnny C and dancer Little Billy. This incarnation of the group lasted a little longer but to no avail, as their first singles and even their first album “Making Trouble” failed to make much of a dent commercially or critically when they were released in 1986 and 1988 respectively. The band went back to the drawing board again, and even shortly broke up before Little Billy, who'd re-emerged as a rapper under the name Bushwick Bill, put together another new line-up of the band. Ready Red returned to the fold and joining Bill up front were two new recruits in the form of Willie D and Scarface. Third time was very much the charm for the newly christened Geto Boys, as the album that they released after coming back together, 1989's “Grip It! On That Other Level”, sold over half a million copies and got the band signed to Def Jam Records in 1990. This was at the time when gangsta rappers collectively became public enemy number one in the eyes of the American right, so of course the Geto Boys' vulgar lyricism, concerning misogyny and gore even at its most kid-friendly, became one of the biggest rap acts in the world with the release of their 1991 album “We Can't Be Stopped”. The band even managed to have a bona-fide hit single in the form of 1991's “Mind Playing Tricks On Me”, but this was never a band meant to last as chart-topping sensations. The band even made an attempt to stay in the charts with their next album, the fan-loathed but Gold certified “Till Death Do Us Part”, but the band couldn't stay in the mainstream for too long and released 1996's “The Resurrection” to huge acclaim from fans and critics. After two further albums the band went on semi-hiatus in the mid-2000's, not releasing any music but reuniting to perform pretty regularly. The band's live shows are as rowdy and unmissable as they ever were, and with some of the greatest southern hip-hop tracks in their back catalogue, any rap fan would be mad to miss out. For that, they come highly recommended. Read more

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