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The demographic and cultural backdrop surrounding Goat is almost as eccentric as their mythical sound. The group formed in Korpilombolo, a small Swedish town located in Norrbotten County. This remote village was allegedly displaced by Christian Crusaders and resultantly immersed in years of voodoo practice. There is no definitive time that marks the band’s exact formation. According to the group’s members they have been performing and recording together under different incarnations possibly since the 70s. The current lineup includes three core members; however, during concerts they recruit at least four other musicians to carry out their complex and verbose compositions. In 2012 Goat signed to the UK label, Rocket Recordings and released their studio debut “World Music” (despite the fact they had already been recording for almost 40 years prior to this release). The album received positive reviews, particularly from the publication the Guardian, which ranked the album as one of the year’s best. It was described as an immense revelry in pan-culturalism, encompassing a hodgepodge of sounds ranging from afro-beat, psychedelia, krautrock, funk, and acid rock. Influences of Can, Faust, Parliament, and Incredible String Band are apparent throughout this recording; however, their is never any sign of direct emulations. The group mixes bizarre, but technically intriguing sounds, culminating into something both absurd and captivating. Sometimes it is difficult to discern whether to take the group seriously or not. Their live performances are impassioned and frenetic, seeming as though it was spawned off the tail end of an acid trip. They sport colorful/ornate robes and tribal masks (some shaped like animals, others that look like something Michael Myers would wear and the remainder sporting an Indian theme). Their shows include incessant improvisational dancing and the use of a wide range of instruments. The band’s liberal sound translates directly from the group’s uninhibited lifestyle. The members apparently live in a commune, leading a life of ease and peace. They obviously are fond of experimentation as they claim to practice a variety of transcendental rituals often including nudity and satanic prayers. Goat followed up the release of their studio debut with the live album “Live Ballroom Ritual”. The album was released toward the end of 2013 and was distributed through Rocket Recordings. Their proper 2nd LP “Commune” saw release on 23 September 2014 and was their first recoding to be issued through Sub Pop. Read more

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