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Guttermouth Biography

Guttermouth have been at the forefront of the punk rock and pop punk scene since their formation in 1988 in Huntington Beach, California. The band formed in the late eighties when they would play shows, parties and skateboarding events during 1988. They came together in the summer of 1989 sharing a love for some of the biggest bands in the punk rock scene such as The Vandals, Social Distortion, Fear, the Descendents, Bad Religion and more. Out of these influences, they honed their own craft and sound over the years with a predominantly fast punk sound. They released their first record, “Full Length” in 1991, which organically expanded the band’s following. They built friendships with contemporaries The Offspring and the Vandals. On September 13th 1994, the band released their second album “Friendly People” on Nitro Records, a label founded by Dexter Holland of The Offspring. “Teri Yakimoto” is the third instalment from Guttermouth, released in 1996 by Nitro Records; it was a continuation of the bands signature fast paced punk rock music with controversial and sarcastic tongue in cheek lyrics. The album went on to reach #33 in the Billboard Heatseekers chart. Their following album “Musical Monkey” followed a similar sort of success and then the following year, they released a live album “Live from The Pharmacy”. The live part of the album was recorded in South Carolina. “Gorgeous”, released on June 1st 1999 was the band’s last album with Nitro Records, and also the heaviest. Moving to Epitaph Records, saw Guttermouth, only maintain the sound that they had built their following on, as they released the album “Covered with Ants” on April 10th 2001. The album reached number 31 on the Billboard Independent Charts. They experimented a little bit on this album with using organ, banjo and fiddle. The band made it to the prestigious House of Blues and decided to record a live album that night, of their 21-song set. The album was released on October 7th 2003. “Shave the Planet” was the tenth album by Guttermouth, released on August 22nd 2006. It was the final album to feature the founding member, Scott Sheldon. Read more

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