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Hadouken! are a British electro rock band hailing from London who formed in 2006. They are known for their hectic mix of dance, punk and grime that they’ve honed through their three studio albums released to date. Few things scream “mid-two-thousands!” like punctuated band names, and the band you’re looking at now are at the very least partially responsible for that, along with Panic! At The Disco. At the time it felt fresh, new and impossibly modern, a thumb in the eye to the accepted standards of Rock and roll. However, in the following decade after they formed, it’s nothing if not a bit of a relic. It’s just as well then, that at least their music is still fresh, new and impossibly modern. The band grew from a solo project that singer, songwriter and producer James Smith put together after forming his own record label, Surface Noise Records. The band played their first gig in Southend’s Dirty Hearts Club in September 2006 and the band started regularly playing gigs in Leeds and London soon after. In February 2007 Smith released the song that would go on to be the bands defining track even to this day, a track called “That Boy That Girl”. It hit number one on MTV 2’s NME Chart and stoked the first fires of legitimate hype around the band from their very first single. If you were a teenager in the U.K at the time, you definitely heard it and probably had the whole thing memorised. One more single later and the band embarked on its first full UK tour at the end of 2007. Also coming at the end of 2007 was their debut E.P “Not Here To Please You” which contained remixes of the likes of Bloc Party and Plan B, along with new and re-recorded tracks from their early days. In keeping with the forward thinking spirit of the band, the mixtape was only released in shops on a USB stick, rather than on CD. Their debut album came the following year. “Music For An Accelerated Culture” has sold over 100’000 copies since its release, that album, along with the following two records have made them a name all over the world. Their visceral, raucous live show translating just as well in Moscow, Russia and Morioka, Japan as it does in Middlesbrough. This universal touch is what makes this band so special, and they come highly recommended. Read more

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