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Nils Frahm Biography

Nils Frahm (born September 20th, 1982) is a German musician, hailing from Hamburg. He is known for the impressive versatility of his work, ranging from conventional instrumentation to electronic music. Frahm is one of those musicians who feels like he’s been around for a lot longer than he actually has; it’s probably down, in no small part, to the fact that he’s been so influential, and that there were no real identifiable precursors to the sound that he’s made his own. He dabbles in both typical instrumentation and electronic textures, but most crucially, he often blends the two - to unique effect. His approach to his work has been consistent in its unconventional nature; he’s an accomplished classical pianist, but seldom demonstrates that in straightforward fashion. Solo works like 2009’s ‘Wintermusik’ and ‘The Bells’ showcased his penchant for looping piano sounds and developing them into complex electronic soundscapes; he made his name with those two works, but would go on to both work exclusively with synthesizers - on his ‘Juno’ EP in 2011 - and collaborate with other artists; his 2013 release ‘Juno Reworked’ saw new takes on his ‘Juno’ material from the likes of Chris Clark and Luke Abbott. Frahm is a prolific remixer himself, having produced reworks for the likes of Mogwai, Peter Broderick and The Presets - it’s a testament to the way in which he’s managed to crossover from genre to genre. Read more

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