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Orange Goblin Biography

Orange Goblin are a heavy metal band hailing from London, England who formed in 1995. They are hailed as one of the most critically acclaimed and respected stoner rock bands in the world, who have released eight albums since their debut in 1997. The band came together in 1995 under the name Our Haunted Kingdom, and unlike many other bands who formed under a different name to the one they got famous with, Our Haunted Kingdom actually saw some serious success. By the year after they formed they had been noticed by Rise Above Records, who released their track “The Aquatic Fanatic” as a split single with Doom Metal legends Electric Wizard. The band decided to change their name to Orange Goblin when the label became interested in signing them properly, and soon afterwards they had their song “Saruman’s Wish” added to the second volume of Rise Above’s series of compilation albums “Dark Passages”. After the release of “Saruman’s Wish”, the band were formally signed to Rise Above and were almost immediately sent out on their first proper tours of Europe, playing as many clubs and festivals as would have them. By 1997 they were a well-oiled rocking machine and the time was right to record their debut album, “Frequencies From Planet Ten” was released in October, and the record immediately marked them out as home-grown heroes with masses of potential. It also marked them out as growing out of their stoner rock pigeonhole surprisingly quickly, something that was made all the more apparent by 1999’s follow up “Time Travelling Blues. Their first two records had seen them combining their stoner rock sound with influences ranging from psychedelia, space-rock, jazz, doom metal and hard rock, and “Time Travelling Blues” seemed to suffer from a lack of focus as a result. By 2002, they had bid their stoner days farewell with the blistering hard rock of their fourth album “Coup De Grace” and settled into their place as one of the elder statesmen of British Rock. Ever since then, they have been one of the most consistently excellent live acts in British metal, and have released a steady stream of ace records alongside them, they stand alone as a thrillingly unique and challenging band in a sea of bland, manufactured metal, and they come highly recommended. Read more

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