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Slow Magic Biography

Slow Magic is a group shrouded in mystique. There is not much accessible information pertaining to the artist(s) behind this project apart from the ambiguous personal disclaimer “music by your imaginary friend”. However what is lacking in biographical information is well accounted and frequently hinted at in their music. Based on Slow Magic’s musical output it seems safe to assume this project emerged around the early 2010‘s. The sound of Slow Magic functions within several trending forms of electronica such as glo-fi, chillwave, and downtempo, but takes on a form of it’s own. It is rooted in the minimal, serene, and gradually evolving structure explored by artists like Tycho, but also exhibits diversions into glitch as heard by Gold Panda and Giraffage. In regards to the aesthetic tactics Slow Magic employes in his performance, it is difficult not to draw comparisons to the mask donning electro artist SBTRKT. The neon splattered deer mask Slow Magic adorns has become an an immutable part of both his live show and his public image. Slow Magic has played numerous shows across the world, touring through Asia, Europe, the United States, and New Zealand. This incessantly busy artist has also appeared at countless nightclubs such as Berlin’s Naherholung Sternchen, playing alongside acts like Giraffage and Mister Lies. Slow Magic’s 1st studio album “Triangle” was released in 2012 through LabensStrasse Records. The album’s title is in fact expressed with the shape of a triangle (possibly a reference to the Boredoms’ album “Vision Creation Newsun”. In support of this release Slow Magic embarked on a tour with Gold Panda and Xxyyxx. A year later he provided remixes for Gold Panda alongside the spanish retro-dance band Delorean. In 2014 Slow Magic issued another release through LebensStrasse, a split single with Sun Glitters. His sophomore album “How to Run Away” also appeared on the shelves that rear. This album marked Slow Magic’s 1st release through Sony’s distributor Downtown. Read more

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