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The Cave Singers

7th Street Entry Minneapolis, MN , Tuesday 5/24/2016 8:30 PM

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The Cave Singers Biography

Hailing from Seattle, Washington, USA, The Cave Singers are am indie rock band that formed in 2007. The quartet have released a handful of studio albums and are known for their hushed, subtle folk rock sound. It’s quite often that the most interesting takes on a particular genre of music come from the people who never listened to it in the first place. This is absolutely the case with The Cave Singers, who were formed by Derek Fudesco, the bass player of raucous indie-punk quintet Pretty Girls Make Graves after that band split in 2007. The whole band maintains that their favourite bands are still the Pixies, The Replacements and Fleetwood Mac and that they had no interest in folk music until they found themselves creating it. Fudesco, along with ex-Hint Hint and Cobra High members Pete Quirk and Marty Lund respectively, formed the band the same year that Pretty Girls Make Graves split and made an immediate impact, signing to Matador Records within months. Their debut album “Invitation Songs” was released in the September of that year to stellar reviews. There was no pressure or desire to become the biggest name in folk music, which was just as well because Mumford and Sons had already set that bar astonishingly high, so they just kept on doing what they do best, releasing albums, touring the world and building up a devoted following. It wasn’t until their third album “No Witch” that Fudesco picked up a guitar and in a way, this sums up everything you need to know about The Cave Singers. He had no idea how he was meant to learn the instrument and so he started experimenting with it. In a short time, he became the best guitar player in the band; able to do things that none of the other members could because he approached the instrument in his own way. The whole band took this attitude with folk music as a whole, and has become one of the most fascinating and inspiring bands in a very, very fertile American folk scene. With interest in the genre at an all-time high, you can’t go wrong with The Cave Singers. Read more

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