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Katchafire & Mystic Roots Band

Mission Plaza San Luis Obispo San Luis Obispo, CA , Friday 5/20/2016 5:00 PM

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The Mission Biography

The Mission (formed in 1986) is an English gothic rock band, known as The Mission UK in the United States, and boasting nine studio albums, hailing from Leeds, England. Originally formed under the moniker The Sisterhood, the band is formed of former the Sisters of Mercy members frontman Wayne Hussey and bassist Craig Adams. Red Lorry Yellow Lorry drummer Mick Brown was subsequently asked to assist with practice sessions, and second guitarist Simon Hinkler was recruited to complete the lineup. The Sisterhood made their performance debut in January 1986 at the Alice in Wonderland, London, after which the group toured in support of the Cult around Europe, and revealed their new moniker, The Mission. The group’s debut release was the EP “I (Serpent’s Kiss)” on Chapter 22, followed by the EP “II (Like a Hurricane/Garden of Delight”. The same year the Mission issued their debut full-length “God’s Own Medicine”, spawning the hits “Stay With Me”, “Wasteland”, and “Severina”. Following a supporting tour of the UK and Europe, the group returned to the studio, ultimately releasing their sophomore album “Children” in 1988. Produced by Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones, the group’s national recognition grew exponentially, with the record charting at No. 2 on the UK Album Chart. Moving towards more sophisticated songwriting and away from their hard rock musical aesthetic, the Mission’s third full-length “Carved in Sound” was released in 1990. Following the release guitarist Hinkler left the group and was later replaced by Paul Etchells. 1994’s “Sum and Substance” was recorded with Hussey as the only original member, as was 1995’’s “Neverland” however with a completely revised lineup. The latter release saw a small resurgence in popularity for the group, featuring heavier production and an extensive tour in support. The Mission’s 1996 “Blue” has been slated both by critics and frontman Hussey himself as the group’s most disappointing release. Following 10 years of recording and performing, and a final farewell tour in 1996, the Mission announced they were disbanding. Three years later Hussey released a solo album of Mission covers, before recruiting bassist Adams, drummer Scott Garrett, and guitarist Mark Thwaite, for what was conceived as a one-off tour. The fan response however led the Mission to have different ideas and released the souvenir tour CD “Ever After” and began recording new material in Brighton, England. Following a support slot opening for HIIM in Germany and the departure of Thwaite, the Mission released the full-length “Aura” on their own label Playground Records. Bassist Adams decided to leave the group on the subsequent tour, leading Hussey to perform a number of acoustic shows on his own, however the group gained momentum with new bassist Ritchie Vernon in early 2003. The documentary DVD and live CD “Lighting the Candles” arrived in September 2005, spawning the single “Breathe Me In” which topped the alternative chart in Germany. “God Is a Bullet” arrived in 2007 whilst Hussey was living in Brazil, after which the frontman began focusing on solo performances and the album of covers, “Bare”, released in 2010. Read more

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