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The Ready Set Biography

The Ready Set- born- Jordan Mark Witzigreuter- on born November 14th 1989, is an American alternative-pop singer from Fort Wayne, Indiana. The idea of creating 'The Ready Set' was conceived in the basement of Jordan Witzigreuter's childhood home in Fort Wayne, Indiana, America. Indiana born Jordan is a first and foremost a solo artist, however, despite this, interestingly, the American star often choses to use a trusty backup band whilst on tours. The Ready Set has had a successful music career, releasing three albums, including, the very popular, ‘Tantrum Castle’, and ‘I'm Alive, I’m Dreaming’., of which he best known for very successful single, Love Like Woe’. Impressively, in 2009 Fall out Boy’s popular bassist Pete Wentz signed The Ready Set to his label Decaydance Records. He is currently with Razor and Tie Records. As well as albums, The Ready Set regularly releases plays and extended plays to preview his new albums. This proves successful with fans, through his release of ‘Sorry Sorry,’ as a preview of his new album The Bad and the Better in 2013 which was a hit. He has toured numerously, his recent one, named, ‘Vans Warped Tour 2014, collaborated with highly regarded Metro Station and The Downtown Fiction. The Ready Set has built up a good connection with his fans and he is always conscious to thanks them and makes the effort with them when he tours. His sense of humour and wit keep fans wanting more. Read more

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