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Unwritten Law Biography

Unwritten Law are an American rock band from Poway, California, and based in San Diego, California. They formed in 1990. After forming and finding themselves amidst a slew of acclaimed rock bands fron the San Diego area in the early nineties - Rocket from the Crypt, Drive Like Jehu and Blink-182 can all be counted amongst their initial contemporaries - Unwritten Law didn’t actually release a debut record until 1994. When ‘Blue Room’ dropped, though, it encapsulated the aggressive, pacy style of punk rock that the band had become known for on the local scene with countless rapturously received gigs. By the late nineties, they were gradually edging toward stardom, with two more studio albums ‘Oz Factor’ and ‘Unwritten Law’ placing them on the map internationally, thanks to a slot on the Vans Warped Tour that, at the time, covered Europe and Australia as well as North America. They could potentially have been accused of failing to strike whilst the iron was hit, leaving it until 2002 to return with a fourth album - ‘Elva’ - but the time they spent realigning their punk rock sound, making it more accessible and hard rock-oriented, paid dividends as they made TV appearances and saw their single ‘Seein’ Red’ top the US modern rock charts. They’ve retained a strong cult fanbase the world over since then, despite a slew of lineup changes affecting the band - frontman Scott Russo was, for a while, the only remaining founder member, although drummer Wade Youman rejoined the fold in 2013. Read more

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