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Vacationer Biography

Vacationer is an American Nu-Hula band from the North East of the United States. With members based in Philadelphia and Brooklyn, the group brings influences from their respective cities, as well as cultures such as Hawaii and Polynesia to the music. Vacationer was formed by chance in 2010 after Kenny Vasoli was introduced to Matthew Young in Brooklyn, New York. The pair spent the day jamming at the Landau Audio Design studio in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. The jam session proved so fruitful that the pair decided to form a musical partnership alongside Greg Altman, Ryan Zimmaro and Michael Mullin who provide guitar, drums and keyboards for the band respectively. In 2011, the band self-released the single “Trip” and managed to attract significant commercial and critical attention for the track. One of the track’s fans happened to be a rep for Downtown Records and the band was signed to the label soon after. Vacationer has released two EPs and two albums, 2012’s “Gone” and 2014’s “Relief”, with the label. Everything about the way Vacationer makes music is fascinating. Each of their tracks spend their early lives living in the cloud as Vasoli and Young communicate back and forth via email about the sound of the track and how it should be created. The song comes together piece by piece and absorbs the energy and culture of Vasoli and Young’s respective city neighbourhoods, their upbringings and their musical interests. After this digital gestation period, the track is finally born and almost always immediately amazes fans with its delicacy and complexity. While it is still early days for Vacationer, the band has already made a significant impact with their music and fans and critics alike are excited to hear where they’ll go next. Read more

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