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Vasco Rossi

Stadio Olimpico - Rome Borgata Ottavia, Italy , Wednesday 6/22/2016 9:00 PM

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Vasco Rossi Biography

Vasco Rossi (born February 7, 1952) is an Italian pop and rock singer, songwriter and guitarist, hailing from Zocca, Emilia-Romagna, Italy. After being enrolled in a singing school during Rossi's time in school, he fell in love with music and later founded his first band age 14. After graduating high school, Rossi opened the music club, Punto Club, and worked as a DJ, forming one of the first private radio stations in Italy, Punto Radio. After showcasing some of his music on his radio show, Rossi released his first single “Jenny”/“Silvia”, ahead of his debut album “…Ma Cosa Vuoi Che Sia una Canzone” in 1978. Combining ’60’s Italian pop and an undeniable sense of rock & roll, Rossi’s extensive album releases over the late ‘70s and early ‘80s showed a maturing of his style and sense of humour, from 1979’s “Albachiara”, 1980’s “Colpa d’Alfredo”, 1981’s “Siamo Solo Noi”, to the chart topping “Bollicine” in 1983. In true rock & roll style Rossi was arrested and detained for three weeks for cocaine possession, however it did nothing to arrest his success, and his two subsequent albums “Cosa Succede in Citta” in 1985 and “C’e Chi Dice No” in 1986 were hugely popular and led to the singer to sign with EMI. His first album on EMI “Liberi” marked a split with producer Guido Elmi and his backing band, however showed Rossi to be the Italian equivalent of the Rolling Stones or U2. In 1993 the album “Gil Spari Sopra” arrived with the help of drummer Vinnie Colaiuta and the Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart, and was succeeded by the all-out rock album “Nessun Peroclo…Per Te” in 1996 and “Canzoni per Me” in 1998. Following the release Rossi played to 120,000 people at Imola’s Heineken Jammin’ Festival, which he recorded and released as a live album “Rewind” in 1999. Following the death of close friend and former backing band member Massimo Riva, Rossi wrote many of the songs and lyrics that appeared on his 2001 album “Stupid Hotel”. Rossi went on to release the album “Buoni o Cattivi” in 2004 which he supported by putting on a free concert in Catanzaro, attended by over 400,000 people. Subsequently the singer has issued the albums “Vivere o niente” in 2011, “L’altra meta del cielo” in 2012, and “Sono Innocente” in 2014. Read more

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