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What So Not is a DJ and production duo based in Sydney, Australia who formed in 2011. The duo is made up of respected Australian electronic artists Flume, otherwise known as Harley Streten, and Emoh Instead, the stage name of Chris Emerson. What So Not are a very modern phenomenon. One can imagine the basics of it happening to anyone, two young musicians with respect for each other’s work getting together to make some music on their computer and putting it onto the internet. It’s a common enough story, in fact, you might have done it yourself dear reader. However, the internet age has levelled the playing field for everyone, and What So Not went from two friends making a beat together to a world renowned music duo in the space of a couple of months, all thanks to Soundcloud. They also differ from most so-called “Supergroups” due to the very nature of the duos music and how it compares with both of their day jobs. While they’re both highly respected DJ’s and musicians, both Flume and Emoh Instead make far more cerebral, experimental music in their day jobs, and their work as What So Not is specifically made to make rooms full of people lose their collective minds as effectively as possible. It’s party music, and my, what a party it starts. It was their second E.P “The Quack” that got the duo sent even further into the stratosphere. With a total of 450’000 plays on Soundcloud alone, a guest verse from Queens, New York based rap sensation Action Bronson and great acclaim from the likes of Diplo and Flosstradamus. Unlike most electronica artists, What So Not also tour as much as your average rock band, so you won’t have to take my word for all this, or the word of anyone else. You can see it for yourself, and I promise you, you will not regret it. Read more

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